My husband, to those of you who were lucky enough to have known him, was always there when someone was in need of help. I know he thanks you all for helping and encouraging our endeavors in this cause. Our intention in planning this event was, as you know, to raise funds to be used towards research of pancreatic cancer. With your support today, and hopefully in the future, one day a cure may be found.

Unfortunately cancer of the pancreas is almost always terminal because it has no early warning signs or symptoms. My husband was diagnosed with leiomyosarcoma ONLY five weeks prior to his death on June 13th. Sadly, his recovery was not to be. Our hope is that no family should ever have to face losing a loved one to this disease, especially the rare form Augie's took.

I knew Augie for 35 years. Some of you probably knew him longer. Some of you knew him as "Tin", "Tine", "Augie", "The Aug", or even "The Camp Director". All these names and nicknames embody a man of virtue, honor, integrity, generosity and most of all, compassion - a true friend.

On a dusky October evening in 1963 Augie and I met driving down Valley Boulevard in Alhambra. We were married less than two years later at the San Gabriel Mission church.

In 1963, he also began his service in the National Guard until his honorable discharge in 1967. Augie was a strong supporter of the California Highway Patrol and other law enforcement groups, such as the 1199 Officers Association. He also had a dedication to his community, serving on the Los Angeles County Commission on Human Relations. He supported the Hammel Street in East Los Angeles through L.A.'s Adopt-a-School program and organized a Thanksgiving basket drive for several years.

He later served as president of the Parents' Club there, when our children, David and Lisa, attended San Gabriel Mission Grammar School. We remember Augie for his endless generosity and hospitality. The boys he took on trips to the Colorado River are the same men who have organized this golf tournament.

Each one of you who knew him from Dolores Canning Co. can doubtless picture him even now behind that steel desk where he sat across from his brother Frank for some 40 years. You know the unswerving dedication and passion he had for the company his father, mother and siblings built. His hard work inspires us still. His devotion was invaluable for making the cannery the successful, community-minded company it has been for years.

To those of us who knew him as son, brother, husband, father, father-in-law, and Papa-Tine, I can not find enough words to tell you the love he had for us. Though our hearts are broken, we are determined and dedicated to make a difference.

On one particularly difficult day at the hospital my children, David and Lisa, took me outside and shared a printed verse that Augie carried with him. I would like to share it with you if I may.

"Never give in, Never give in.
Never, never, never, never...
Never give in, except to convictions
Of honor good sense."

- Winston Churchill

With this in mind, we plan to do just that...never give in.


Lola Muñoz